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KinoKlub – Sexy Beast UK 2000 ‧ Crime/Comedy
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Sexy Beast is a 2000 black comedy crime film directed by Jonathan Glazer (in his feature directorial debut) and written by Louis Mellis and David Scinto. It stars Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane. It follows Gal Dove (Winstone), a retired ex-gangster visited by a violent gangster (Kingsley) who demands that he takes part in a bank job.
Gal (Ray Winstone) is a former gangster who has made a modest amount of money from his criminal career. Happy to put his life of crime behind him, he has retired with his wife Deedee (Amanda Redman) to the sunny bliss of rural Spain, where he lives an idyllic life with his family and a few close friends. But Gary’s contentment is ruptured by an unwelcome visitor from his past — Don (Ben Kingsley), a former associate who has been hired to assemble a team of criminals to rob a heavily guarded bank. Don wants Gary in on the job, and is less than pleased by Gary’s unwillingness to volunteer his services. What ensues is a battle of wills between the two men, with Don intimidating, prodding, and manipulating his onetime friend to get what he wants, forever changing the lives of those around him in the process.

Kingsley’s performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.[2] In 2004 the magazine Total Film named Sexy Beast the 15th best British film ever.
<<<<<< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nu_xTC5Gc2U
Život gangstera je značně vyčerpávající. To pocítil i londýnský lapka Gary Dove a uchýlil se raději do slunného Španělska, kde tráví volný čas s manželkou DeeDee a s přáteli Aitchem a Jackie. Jeho odpočinek však nemá dlouhého trvání, brzy je přerušen vpádem psychopatického zabijáka Dona Logana, jenž Dovea donutí, aby se k opuštěnému řemeslu rychle vrátil. Je ho potřeba u velké bankovní loupeže. Gary dlouho odolává, nakonec se ale do Londýna přece jen vydá. Avšak nikoli v přítomnosti Dona Logana. Tomu se totiž stala malá nehoda