? Mon. / Pon 13.01.2020
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This Czech anthology film has six episodes linked by a radio show and a common theme of chance, coincidence, and fate — opening in 1945 Japan with “Kokura Lucky” (Kokura residents complain about the poor weather, unaware it has just caused the Enola Gay overhead to change targets) and followed by episodes taking place in the present-day Prague: “Taxi Driver” involves adultery in a taxi’s back seat. In “Rituals of Civilization” a young couple and a psychiatrist are in a fatal accident. In “The Last Decent Generation” four respectable parents begin planning a wedding for their offspring but end up discussing substitutions for sex such as “buttoning” — the use of dentures between thighs for the removal of upholstery buttons. “Fools” features a TV news special about sperm in space. In the final episode, “The Ghost of an American Pilot,” a schoolgirl seance summons the spirit of the Enola Gay’s pilot as a radio talkshow guest, and the psychiatrist from the third episode listens to the pilot’s request for forgiveness. With dialogue in Czech, Japanese, and English, this film was a Tiger Award-winner at the 1998 Rotterdam Film Festival. Czech language film with English subtitles
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Winter is there and it is time to go indoors, so come chill with us on Mondays … donation entrance 50kc +-,
FREE popcorn, CZ movie with EN subtitles.

?⚠️ We start the evening at 18h30 with a czech language meetup, powered by Army Of Dreamers, then the movie starts at 21h00. ➡️ Come and Speak Czech Mondays event : https://www.facebook.com/events/241383593474021/

Each film shown has been carefully selected to introduce you to the art of ‘kino’ from Czech. These are films you simply MUST SEE if you are to get onto the underground soul of this mentality. We have movies which are true cult classics in every sense. This may also help you to improve your Czech since every film is in the original format but with English subtitles.

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Jsme zpět s naším Kino klubem! Léto je ta tam a je načase jít zpátky dovnitř, kde vás budeme provázet každé pondělí. Dobrovolný vstup, popcorn grátis, CZ filmy s EN titulky.

?⚠️ Večer začínáme v 18h30 s českojazyčným setkáním, poháněným Army Of Dreamers, film pak začíná ve 21:00. ➡️ Přijďte a mluvte, Pondělní Česká událost : https://www.facebook.com/events/241383593474021/

Každý film byl pečlivě vybrán, představujeme špičku české kinematografie. Jedná se o ty, které prostě MUSÍTE vidět. Promítané snímky jsou kultovní a každým coulem opravdovou klasikou. Původní znění s anglickými titulky.