? Friday. / Pá. 10.01.2020
? Doors 20h00 - start 21h00
ENTRY - 100kč Members & Pre-sale.
150kč Non Members & Successful adults.
International pro wrestler turned stand-up comedian - Leeor Brooks (aka "The Chutzpah" Lior Ben-David) is an original, risk-taking comedian who possesses a unique point of view on the world and he is bringing his brand new solo show "A Well Travelled Schmuck" to Prague!
Don’t miss Leeor as your mind will be blown** by his well-travelled, insightful comedy show !! (**mind might actually not be blown))
Supporting comic's including proudly>>
Kristýna Haklová comes from the small town of Beroun in Central Bohemia. From there she went to Masaryk University in Brno where she fought for several years to get her useless degree in Film Studies, only to end up as a telemarketer. Sound familiar? As you're correctly assuming right now, yes, she wanted to have a gap year to travel around Australia! But Australia decided it didn't need her there. Did she give up? NO! She ended up in Auckland, New Zealand, overstayed her visa for two years, at the end of which she nearly died of boredom. She is currently working as an art house film distributor and stand-up comedy promoter/performer.
Now she is back in Europe, performing mainly in Berlin and Prague, never mentioning the above stories, only complaining about single life, her drinking habits and the generally low quality of porn.


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