17.05 Eddy Allen & the CCTV Allstars


? Thu. Ctv 17.05
? Doors from 20h00, start 21h00.
➥ 80kc for žižkovšiška club members, 100kc for others.

Eddy Allen together with members of the CCTV Allstars international collective! Back again in there many forms to bring to you a message of unity throughout the art of music. There tools are wood, metal and plastic, yet produce an impact that must be felt live to understand its gathered abstract force.
With a spirit that is hard to recon with Eddy plays each gig as if it was his last.
Following the lead of this ”cats out the bag” performance the guys have no choice but to pave the way for a nonstop dancing frenzy..

▶ Listen to CCTV Allstars – FULL SHOW – Live in Prague – Naplavka by CCTV Allstars #np on #SoundCloud :


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