23.02 C.I.A Debutante [FR] + Gepsiz [FR]


Friday 23.02 // Concert // Doors and entry from 20h00 // 80 kc for žižkovšiška club members, 100 kc for others.

On the 23 of February, the French/Australian experimental spirit will be embodied by CIA Debutante, touring in central Europe. While these conquer the world, Gepsiz takes the opportunity to leave his bedroom to play a bunch of new lo-fi pop songs before falling back into oblivion. Don’t miss that night, you’ll leave purified.

CIA DEBUTANTE (Crudités, SDZ Records)

This duo formed by Paul Bonnet (Disposition Matrix, The Nightclub Toilet) and Nathan Roche (Le Villejuif Underground). Created last year, the band has already released half a dozen tapes on labels such as Officine, Tanzprocesz or Royal Sperm. “We will play for spirits”, their new double album on Crudités Tapes/SDZ will transport you to 10 000 ft over the oceans, in a raft of fortune mauled by the winds, unless it is simply the evil eye. Loosely inspired by an air crash, these 18 cryptic tracks form an incongruous mixture between the vintage electronics of a self-taught pilot, possibly a kamikaze, and the spoken word of a little deviant investigator, kean on hop-flavored theories. Chemtrails geometricians, luggages carousel enthusiasts and fond of light signals that do not lead to an emergency exit, C.I.A Debutante makes its way through the lines of official reports and operate its own visions both in the sky and along abandoned beaches where, by running a little fast in the right direction there is always a plane debris waiting for you. In the basement of a large building owned by the military-industrial complex, experts are already listening to this double-cassette with a febrile attention.


GEPSIZ (Loneliness rec)
Gepsiz is a twenty year old french songwriter looking for mercy into composing songs alone in his bedroom, and that since 4 years. After his debut psychedelic pop EP « Waves, Daisies and Troubled Dreams » released in 2017 & a bunch of concerts in France with 4 of his mates, he left them to live in Prague for the year, composing new songs. New songs that he will play exclusively for žižkovšiška. You guys are lucky.


This event is proposed by @Dada Booking

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