07.12. Czech Tek – film about a dancing disaster (eng subs premier)


We have another premier for you & this time that’s the new documentary film regarding the 2005 CzechTek – techno party that went VERY VERY wrong for the organizers, the dancing public, the Police, the army & the government. You can watch it here with us for the first time ever with English Subtitles.

Door opening : 20h00

Movie starts : 21h00

In 2005 shortly after the start, the CzechTek festival was broken up by riot police. There were hundreds of injuries. The organizers of CzechTek claimed to be permitted to set up the event in the west of the country close to the German border.
However, over 1,000 police arrived (that‘s 1 police for every 2.5 dancer), using heavy equipment including tear gas, water cannon, batons, and military vehicles stating damage of private property. They damaged cars, electronic equipment and other property. The stand off between police and public resulted in multiple injured on both sides. Police used massive amounts of tear gas and stun grenades, broke car windows with iron bars or threw gas grenades in. A participant was killed along the way.
Protests arose outside the Czech ministry. The Czech president Václav Klaus criticized the heavy use of police force. The Prime Minister, Jiří Paroubek, defended the action, stating that the techno fans were “not dancing children but dangerous people, we will not stand for dancing in our fields“.

Several months after the clash, all charges against police were dropped, in most cases this was due to failure to identify any policemen.

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