06.12 & 09.12.  Schrödinger’s cat – Theater performances


2 representations :

06.12. 19h00 – door opening 18h00

09.12. 16h00 – doo opening 15h00

Entry : 50kc


Plot :
A friend visits a friend. One is a dreamer, an idealist. The other is hardened and cynical. They haven’t seen each other in a while and they reminisce about their friendship, they joke and tease and drink. But underneath the surface, there is only one question that the dreamer wants to ask the cynist. And that is the only question that the cynist won’t answer. The truth seems to expand and play tricks on their mind. But are they the ones being tricked, or are they the tricksters? A struggle for power enfolds. It’s Martha and George, Vladimir and Estragon, apples and oranges. Because in the end, there are more important things than friendship.

Written/directed by Iris Spanbroek
Performed by Eliza Roth and Iris Spanbroek
Sound by Lukas Vodsedalek

About Iris:
Iris Spanbroek (1994) is a starting dramaturg and theatre maker, based in Amsterdam. She has attended Theatre Studies and International Dramaturgy, and likes theatre to be absurd, questioning and surreal, with lots of obscure references weaved into it. The fact that no one knows what they refer to, does not seem to bother her at all.

About Eliza:
http://elizaroth.com/ is an actor, studied acting in London and Los Angeles. Performs in film, television and theatre. She’s sure there’s the truth to be found in all as follows:
less is less, less is more, more is less and more is more.
Moreover she believes the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything is…theatre!

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