02.12. December Exhibition Opening


Všichni jste vítáni na vernisáž  02.12 od 19.00

You are all welcome for the opening of December exhibition on the 02.12 at 19h00.

Francesca Being Bonollova born in 1983 in Venice, she studied interior architecture in Rome and she worked as a designer, but she quickly preferred to dedicate her time to Art. She’s mainly a painter, but she also make sculptures, installations, video, jewelry and small fashion items. The subject of her art is “The Luxury of Being” so speaking about the joy and the privilege of Being alive. In her painting very often the woman body lose its shape to tell more about the personality and the inner beauty of the subject. She often paint jellyfishes because they are one of the most pre-historical animal of the world, so she’s searching in them the deeper meaning of life, also because some kind of jellyfishes can live forever. Her technique is very mixed, she uses often collage, water colors, acrylics, resin, glue, plaster, lights and much more. She made exhibition in different cities in the world like Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Sidney, Prague and Bruges. She has a little “art space” that you can visit in Prague.

Silvia Vezzuto

Dottore in Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo, con lode. I was born in 1970 in Italy, in the city of Brescia. I graduated in Fashion Design at Istituto di Brescia, Technical Graphics and Illustration, and then in the field of art at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, where I got the title “dottore”. During my studies I painted the prestigious MARIANI AFFRESCHI workshop in Brescia and I worked with several prominent architects and artists. Since 1997 I have formed in the Czech Republic. As the only one in the Czech Republic, I use the technique of frayed frescoes and in a modern way I combine various techniques such as mosaics, sand art, oil on canvas and wood. You can see my work in several places in Europe, but also in the USA, South America and the Arab states. If you do not want to go so far, visit the Dermacol stores in Prague, but also in Ostrava, where you can see mosaics.

Uma Haime

My identity is floating between different cultural influences, linguistic misunderstandings, exotic textures, oriental mysticism and childish curiosity. I was born in the south of Italy, buy I have been living in different European cities. Now I am based in Prague. My background lies in physical theater, and throughout different performances, I have discovered in the last time my passion for using colors and for painting. If the theater is a ritual, paintings brings the opportunity to be the spiritual mirror to the viewer. My work is spontaneous, not structured, not organized and noisy. What I put on my painting is a personal journey between acceptance and conflict. Movement and the explosive colors, as well as the unshackled forms are in a continuous negotiation with the need of calm, silent, and patience.

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