13.10 Akilin – Europe Tour / Prague CZ


Patek 13.10 // žižkovšiška // vstup 80kč pro členy žižkovšiška klubu, ostatní 100kč
Otevíráme v 20.00 – kapacita 100 lidí (kdo dřív přijde…)

Friday 13.10 // žižkovšiška // door price 80kč for žižkovšiška club members. 100kč for non club members.
Doors open & entry from 20.oo – capacity 100people (first come first served)


Aquiles Rengifo is a producer and multiinstrumentalist. Based on his extensive research in Venezuelan and Caribbean folk music he blends ancestral sounds with the current musical scene.

After two years of extensive research, gatherings with musicians in Europe and participating in tropical bass and remix albums, Akilin’s first long-play is here. “Me ta´ llamando”, the promotional single after which the album is named, is a delightful blend of drums from Venezuela’s Central Western coast in the state of Aragua, wind instruments and beats bringing us a contagious tropical mix. Carlos Tález, Venezuelan percussionist, singer and musicologist based in Madrid and creator of the musical band “Tazajo Tamboo, Fusion y Tradición”, was invited by Akilin to sing this song as well as “Sirena”, the record’s first piece.

The name of the album colloquially refers to something that calls our attention. Essentially, “Me ta´ llamando” is an atavistic musical syncretism that brings us closer to our origins. Canto de sirena, golpe, sangueo and la chicha del Peru meets with dub, afrobeat and electro in a musical crossbreeding that leads the pace in “Amazónica”, “Agua e´ lluvia bendita”, “Golpe de caja”, “Cumbicha” and “Mina”. Akilin’s musical chapter is completed by “Afridance”, a Caribbean rememberance of the African spirit, and “Dub de Fulía” that honors the western genre performed by the Venezuelan artist María Rodriguez.

Czech version coming soon !

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