17.06 Gidei Prime // live at žižkovšiška


Sobota 17.06 // žižkovšiška // vstup 80kč pro členy žižkovšiška klubu, ostatní 100kč
Otevíráme v 20.00 – kapacita 100 lidí (kdo dřív přijde…)

Saturday 17.06 // žižkovšiška // door price 80kč for žižkovšiška club members. 100kč for non club members.
Doors open & entry from 20.oo – capacity 100people (first come first served)

Giedi Prime

Giedi Prime formed in late 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic and plays original high-energy bluesy garage rock. With many wide ranging influences, their songs include fuzzy guitars, thumping bass and stomping drums to create rock and roll with a punk attitude.

Songs include elements of delta blues, funk rock, 60s psychedelic and soul, creating a diverse range of songs and a dynamic live show.

Czech version coming soon !

Full Lineup

David Dubinsky : Vocals/guitar

Simone Serra : Bass

Elliot Danby (filling in for Fred Hartman) : drums

Where to find us?