Na samotě u lesa/ Seclusion Near a Forest (1976)

The Lavicka’s, a Czech family from the city, rents a house in the country with the option to buy. However, old Mr Komarek seems reluctant to sell the house as they agreed.


HOW IS is it going with the KinoKlub?
This spring we are continuing with every Monday screening for you.
Each film shown has been carefully selected to introduce you to the art of ‘kino’ from Czech.
These are films you simply MUST SEE if you are to get onto the underground soul of this mentality.
We have movies which are true cult classics in every sense. This may also help you to improve your Czech since every film is in the original format but with English subtitles.
There is no fee to enter, though seating is limited to first come basis.

EVERY MOnday we start:
– 19:30 with short film

-20:20 is the time for main feature

cz>>>>>  Pro každé Monday movie night vybíráme legendární české filmy v originálním znění s anglickými titulkami.

Vstup volný, morálka taky-kouření uvnitř povoleno, POPCORN

KAŽDÉ pondělí začínáme:

– 19:30 kraťasem/návnadou/zahřívačkou

-20:20 hlavasové (důvod, proč jsme opravdu přišli)

Where to find us