Shendra Stucki

The question is: „WHAT DO WE REALLY NEED ?“

About the Artistic happening

Shendra Stucki

There are some black baloons, pices of papiers & pencils. A band, music & YOU. The question is: „WHAT DO WE REALLY NEED ?“ And the evolution can be Why we really need it? This is a collective art action where We will together try to reflect on our constraints, our choices, whats the difference between dependence and need. Write it, draw it, imagine it.
One of them. A need or a dependence. This show will see that there ‚is‘ a difference. How big is it for you? Can you let it go?
We will! With a bevy of black baloons, over the skies of Praha.

Art happening & music performance of Shendra Stucki supported by Annapurna. There are some black baloons & some white boxes where we can put all what we really need.
What is dependence? & what is someting that you need? What‘s the difference? If you would know that there is one?

Come and join / Audience needed – fulltime participation.
We will build together an installation accompanied by an improv soundscape & performance of the band.
Come to catch your own baloon.