“Shawn Basey is an intrepid writer from Denver, Colorado who’s crossed the seven seas and more. He lived in Georgia – the country, not the state -for nearly 7 years and is now happily married and living in Prague. When he’s not writing or traveling, he enjoys playing accordion in smokey bars and drinking quantities of beer that would make lesser men fall apart. He also keeps up a blog at www.saintfacetious.com.

He wrote How It Ends partly while he was living in Denver and partly while shuttered away in the lonely confines of a mountain village in the Caucasus. He finally found the time to finish the editing process and commit it to paper after moving here, where he now presents his work to you. So come along, listen to some reading, peruse the book, and enjoy the merry jams of Cupla Focal!”
More teasers to prepare you for this weekend, the Underground Man will be back with his old bandmate and dear friend from Georgia, David Adam

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