YELP- scavenger Haunt- žižkov Praha

Sam Davis is the artist presenting this action is a professional creative from the USA now long time resident in Prague. He is heavily involved in the scene both as a practicing artist & promoter of art activities. He promises a lively & productive evening for you all.

The workshop includes intro to sketch basics, speed & slow caricature portraits.
Black & white caricatures is the main object but Sam will go over color theory briefly.
Suggested donation should be 80kc.

If you have your own paper, markers, pencils, charcoal, smudge sticks ect… It would help to have some drawing boards with clips (or just a solid sketchbook/drawing pad). Otherwise all equipment will be here supplied.
Of course bar, buffet & social circumstances provided by the venue.

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Some stills from last weeks workshop with Sam. Better late then never 😉

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