Bleš – ák 

Nelov blechy na půdě a přijď si radši koupit něco přineseného s láskou.

Šiškovský Blešák je něco pro sběrače, hledače pokladů, vetešníky, milovníky, požitkáře… Pokud se vám teď zdá, že jste se ve výčtu nenašli, nezoufejte, i pro vás se tu něco najde.


Here is something for the collectors, seekers, princesses, punkers, freeminders(open brains if you want 🙂 )… Anyways if you are non of these don’t be sad. There is a place for you too.
Here was a fantastic flea market going on – clothes, shoes, accesssories, facilities for any kind of hobby you like.

Were you running out of the good mood? There was a chance to get rid off it too. We had fabulous jamming musicians on the street. So, don’t missunderstood it was a man thing too!

Do you wanna be seller or rather buyer? 

or do YOU wanna stop by and jam?

This event is happening regularly. You can be part of it too.

Contact us:

or stop by in our office in Bořivojova 67, Praha 3 and ask

YEAH, it was outside too. It was great warm, sunny weather. And we enjoyed it soo much.
We had some goodies such as candyfloss from smurfs I guess, because it was blue all over the moon. There were some veg. friendly snack and some canapé for meat lovers.

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