📅 Friday / Patek 18.09.2020
🕒 Door opening 19h30 – start 20h20
Entry / Vstup – 150č members / students / unemployed
& 200kč NON members / Successful adults

Be invited for a unique experience
– first ever concert of a musical experimetnt called Nauryz.
In Kazach Nauryz means equinox. The idea of this project is based on an overwhelming attitude of not knowing, not being prepared, being equiped just with the presence and trust in one self.
We were improvising for so long, that it got deeply in our veins and musical skills. To improvise happened to be the very core of our actions and way of being. It is not so rare to see and hear musicians jammin. But this is not jammin – this is already the thing.
We dont have readymade show, we dont know lyrics which we will sing to you, we dont know what is gonna happend.
We just know that we want to share our music – classical music of nowadays, no pop no funk no nothing, just pure joy of playing and making together something beautiful.
With us you can dance, listen, cry, meditate, sing, talk outside, stare, wonder, smile, sleep – our music is all inclusive.

We means:
Štěpán Faun – founder, mystic guitar player, singer
Honza Kuželka – bassguitar boss, djembe, guitar and probably more
Deva Baumbach – the queen of flutes and voice, creator of Mandala Musical, creativity therapist
Václav Neliba – cajon friend from old times, to keep the beat and smile