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Chris is a half German, half Jewish comedian based in Berlin with extensive touring experience, who has opened for Anthony Jeselnik, Jim Gaffigan, Ari Shaffir and co-produced Jamali Maddix. He used to live in South Africa, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, as well as Mexico. He is delighting audiences all over with his mix of cultural humour and self-deprecating comedy, but always with a dark twist.

Themes for this show will be:
– search for identity with multinational, multireligious background
– fatherhood
– culture clash in multiethnic relationships
– Learning from history
– former East bloc culture

Due to upholding local COVID health restrictions such as socially distanced seating arrangement, we will have limited capacity.
BUT we got 2 shows!!
We open Doors at 6.30pm and 7pm show start for the EARLY SHOW
and 8.30pm doors for a 9pm show start for the LATE SHOW

Student Tickets are 149 CZK (+30 for the LATE SHOW)
Early Bird Tickets are 169 CZK (+30 for the LATE SHOW, only till Sept. 21)
Standard Tickets are 219 CZK (+30 for the LATE SHOW)
and Group Tickets (4 people or more) are 169 CZK/p (+30 for the LATE SHOW)

Tickets at the door are 300 CZK for both shows.

Chris’ comedy has been described as morbid and dark but not offensive. This show is R-rated and not for the easily offended. As much as his comedy doesn’t strive to offend, it will raise sensitive topics, albeit in a fun and engaging way.

some quotes from the audience:
“Thank you Chris to bring me and my friends so many fun. You’re the first German comedian who brings me to laugh”
Astrid, Denmark

“It’s really funny and people really need to see this!! ��”
Dewayne, Germany

“Liked it so much!!!”
Tsagana, Russia

“Such a great Show. Great to have some proper english (and every Other culture) Humor”
Ronja, Australia

“loved the show!🥰”
Carina, Romania

Q: Who is Chris Doering?
A: A European by heart, born in the GDR, half German, half Jewish, a non-believer and a very silly person. He used to be a German kabarett artist, then a comedian until he found his true calling: making strangers laugh at him. The butt of the joke is almost always he himself and the ridiculousness that is his very average life. He co-owns Propaganda Comedy alongside Dragos Cristian Comedy who organise English Comedy Shows exclusively for an international crowd in Europe – for expats and internationally minded nationals alike.

Q: What kind of show is this?
A: This is an English Stand-Up Comedy Show that is based on Chris’ life experiences and point of view.

Q: What language is the show in?
A: The show is all in English. No Danish nor German language skills necessary.

Q: Will there be social distancing?
A: The venue will make sure to uphold all local COVID restrictions and making the show a safe experience.

Q: How long is the show?
A: Just like a stand-up special on Netflix, the show will be between 55-60 minutes. Unlike a Netlfix special, Chris does a fun interactive live Q&A after the show that you are more than welcome to join.

Q: Will I be picked on if I sit in the front?
A: Absolutely not. Chris fosters a very friendly and engaging vibe. Besides, you’re more likely to be talked to if you sit in the 2nd or 3rd row. 😉

Q: Can I film the show or make pictures?
A: No filming during the show. You can take pictures. Please tag me @comedianchrisd

Q: Are there discounted tickets?
A: Anyone who buys a ticket online will get a discount! Go here: https://ti.to/laughing-productions/english–comedy-chris-clown-hospital-prague
There are a couple of ways to get even more discounted tickets. Firstly, we offer discounts for students and seniors (you need to show your ID at the entrance. Otherwise the difference in price will have to paid before you can enter).
Secondly, you can get a 33% Early Bird discount if you buy a ticket before the 20th of September.
And Thirdly, if you tag your friends in the discussion area of this event page, we will send you a direct message with a further 10% discount link (this can be combined with early bird and other discounts).

Here is what more audiences had to say:

“Chris is a great comic and host. So warm and funny, he brings the audience in immediately, and has great jokes and personality. Go see him, or hire him if you have the chance!”
Andy Haynes, USA – comedian with TV credits such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Late Show with James Corden

“Chris is one of the most charming comedians in Berlin! But not only is he likeable, his material is also edgy and he knows how to catch the audience off guard.”
Ben MacLean, international headlining comedian

“Awesomely funny!!! Humor at his best!”
Monarch, India

“amazing!!!! totally recommended!!”
Natalia, Chile

“Chris has a wicked sense of humor wich infects every member of the audience insuring a good night. he, in true stand up fashion includes and disqualifies everyone. making a night to leave you smiling. you have to see to appreciate this comic.”
Hannah, UK