? TUE. / 03.12.2019
? 18h00 – 20h00

We invite you to join us on the opening night of Daria Nenakhova’s art exhibition, currently displayed in Zizkovsiska.
Enjoy the art over a glass of wine, mingling with people, who share the bohemian life style.

About the artist:
Born in Central Asia, Daria lived with “nomads” for awhile, later settling in the heart of bohemian Europe, Prague. For the past 6 years she’s been trying to combine these two different lifestyles in one little girl’s world. But with growing up, the borders between the two are starting to fade away, uniting in one whole through art.
Her inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone. Even you can become her next peace of art. Each painting has its own life and history, some of them were done in one day, while others took months to be completed.
Abstract art is absolute chaos, you never know when and how the painting will be finished.