19.12. Tuesday Night Christmas Open Mic


Tuesday 19.12 // žižkovšiška

Open to all kind of musicians…you don’t have to be a professional. Drums, electric/acoustic guitar and bass provided. Great beer and atmosphere !

You’ll have the best atmosphere, equipment and sound ever! come on over and play!
žižkovšiška staff will be there for you all night long 🙂

DOOR & REGISTRATION opens : 19h00
Music starts : 20h00, until 00h00..
12 open spots for musicians and bands.
Free admission before 10pm, so come early!
50 czk after 10pm

All we ask is :

1. sign up on our board and wait your turn. DO NOT sit on the stage jamming with just any musician. Be respectful and let people play. Registration starts at 7pm.

3 song/15 minute limit..but you can sign up again after everyone else has had a chance to play if there are open spots

3. Guitar/bass players – bring your own picks/plectrums..and your own guitar if you can..though you can use my electric or acoustic bass..but strings break and the instruments get played very often..we recommend that you bring your own instrument.

4. Drummers – please bring sticks..we break alot of them.

5. Come with an open mind and have fun!

Hosted by :
Marc Macaspac (Host)
Kebčat Morgan (technician)
David Smit(Sound Engineer)

Where to find us?