07.11 Pendulum – Art exhibition Vernissage


Všichni jste vítáni na vernisáž 07.11 od 19.00

You are all welcome for the opening of exhibition Pendulum by Monica Perez & Ville Mehtonhen. 07.11 at 19h00.

Monica Perez

Monica Perez is a Miami native who relocated to Prague in 2015 to explore a completely different avenue of life. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and has been invested in the art world for more than a decade. A founding member of the art collective QUAID based out of Tampa, Florida, Monica identifies herself as a contemporary surrealist painter. She has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the eastern United States, and this is her first exhibition in Prague.

Her work revolves around the idea of releasing internal matters by transforming them into relatively visual oddities. These themes range anywhere from self-identity, social stigmas and pressure, relationships, and light being shed on the arbitrary. By focusing on ideas that relate to personal experiences or social messages, she constructs a place for them to manifest through the use of juxtaposition and alteration in paint. By working in a visceral manner, she challenges the way we perceive depth while simultaneously depicting a somewhat familiar space.

This current series of paintings was inspired by experiences based in Prague and throughout her European travels. They reflect on both architectural and natural elements that are realistic representations with a hint of stylized infatuation, dreamlike atmosphere, and internal portrayals. Likewise, there is an underlying theme of displacement and longing for a sense of belonging, hence the tropical motifs of Florida. She has introduced ambiguous figures into her work, which act as a narrative of a transforming identity, to give the viewer a chance to freely associate with them.

Some paintings

Ville Mehtonen

Born in Kuopio, Finland, Ville Mehtonen graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He relocated to Prague in early 2015, and is currently exhibiting new work for the very first time in the city. As one of the founding members of the art collective known as QUAID in Tampa, Florida; Ville’s works have been collected privately, and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. The most notable of these was at Spectrum, Miami during the world renowned Art Basel Miami art convention in 2013.
Ville is interested in the systematic investigation of the human figure and its relationship to its surroundings. He understands that the mind works diligently to find patterns in all things, and he strives to create imagery that removes itself from a familiar lexicon. Without context an image fails to produce immediate meaning, but instead floats in a realm of the unknown.
Aesthetically, he finds it important to create work that forms a visual puzzle, and thus forces a viewer to reexamine the very way in which one understands its origin.

Ville holds firmly to an interest in the relationship between voyeur and object, which is strengthened by the act of the gaze. Figures are suspended in time, and reflect a vulnerability that relate to his own personal struggles. The paintings are violent and meditative in nature, like the crashing of a wave, and reveal the dichotomy of the nature of the medium of oil itself: both fluid and thick, immediate and slow. They focus on a range of philosophies; from self-awareness, identity, and insecurity to mysticism, the Occult and the realms beyond levels of consciousness.

Some paintings

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