A simple line

new exhibition by Tania "Tumenseva" Irbis

About the Artist

Tania Tumenseva

is a stage /costume designer by profession. Educated in Russia,Theater Production & design. From the very beginning of her career she has spread a vast array of skills over many different departments in

Theater & Film in Czech Republic & Russia.

Art & style has been a huge part of her life from a very young age. She has held many different exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Denmark & the Czech Republic. Some of her works can even be found in various different book illustrations around the world.

One of her main signature marks is the use of bright colors & simple lines, designed to bring light & positivity to the viewer ‘a certain type of minimalism’.

Tumenseva is very much inspired by Japanese artists. Currently she is in the middle of developing her very own puppet show for kids. After constructing the story from scratch & designing all the puppets & the costumes herself, we can expect to see plenty more from her in the future..

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